Thursday, November 11, 2010

Writing Day

I came into work this morning to check on my cells and wean some rats, but since it's a real live holiday, I'm going to take the rest of the day off to go hang out in Starbucks or maybe the cafe in the nearest Borders and write.  I have this urge to run around looking for veterans to thank, but that seems a little weird, so I'll just thank any that I run across naturally. 

I may also take a few minutes to look back over what I've written during this crazy NaNo time, and see if I can put things in any kind of sensible order.  NaNo a third over, and I may have almost 16,666 words written (which is about a third of 50,000, give or take a fraction of a word.  I want to be up to 20K by the end of the day.

My laptop is still making terrible Nascar noises most of the time, so I dug out my flashy thingy to save everything on, in case it implodes before I have a chance to email everything to myself.  I'm really hoping that Starbucks is noisy enough to drown out the Nascar noise.  How embarrassing! 


  1. Hope your computer holds out and you reach your goal for the day and the month.

  2. Hey, I hope the writing goes well today and the words flow fast and furious. I had a cranky laptop during last year's NaNo. Very annoying!

    You can crack 20,000. Just keep on writing. Keep the internal editor stuffed away, and you'll be fine. I sent my internal editor for an extended vacation this month, and surprisingly she's left me alone for the most part.

    Yeah, when I take the time to look back over what I've written I notice so many plot issues that will need some tinkering. But I'm going to wait 'til December for that. Same with trying to put things in order. I've not been too rigid about writing my scenes in a coherent manner. I know where they fit in the story time line, but someone reading my stuff would be confused. Oh, well. That's a job for December, too.

  3. Yesterday I wrote just over 4k, and here's how: there's a site called that runs a timer for 25 minutes. After the 25 minutes are up, you enter how much you accomplished, get a 5 minute break, and then go for another 25 minutes. It really helped me concentrate, and I wrote 854, 893, and 1000 words in 3 sessions, respectively. That gave me the momentum to continue without the timer later. :)

  4. okay I am off to my tomatoes I need to focus

  5. Heh heh. Maybe your career is about to take off? *vroom, vroom*