Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Richard Gere/ 1982/ Sigh

I reached the 10% mark last night so decided to reward myself by watching An Officer and a Gentleman.  Sigh.  I didn't really think I was all that much of a Richard Gere fan, but the man was smokin' hot back in the day.  Look at those lips.  Whew. 

 Heck, he was even cute in his bad hair high school picture:
And frankly, I'd still do him, Mr. Magoo glasses and everything:
Of course, I can't just watch a movie or read a book any more without doing a complete plot shred.  What was Zack Mayo's external conflict?  Getting through OCS, I guess.  But what about Debra Winger?  What was her goal?  She SAID she wasn't after marriage, but obviously, she was.  And she got the guy.  Did she win because she was a better player than Lynette, or because she was a good and true heroine?  Hmmmm. 

It doesn't really matter, because I totally love Debra Winger.  She's not all perfecty looking and she sounds like she swallowed sand paper.  Hopefully she won't sound like Marge Simpson's sisters in her dotage, but her imperfections still make her likeable.  And in OAG she was just a little whiney, which kind of worked:  "Oh, Zack, why won't you just open up to me?"  Really?  Kind of cliched, but I guess it served the purpose of establishing some conflict. 

The scene I loved last night was when Paula (DW)'s mom stops her from chasing after Zack when he blows her off.  What a great mom thing to do.  I wish my mom had stopped me from making a fool of myself a few times, but then I guess I rarely let her know when I was about to act like an idiot.  But I digress.  So Paula shows up at the bar with a different (higher ranking) guy, and Zack realizes he's fucked up big time, and there you go.  Crisis of dead friend and big battle scene with Lou Gosset Jr., becoming a team player by getting the girl over the wall, and a trip into the paper factory in the ice cream suit.  Sigh. 

Oh, and I saw that David Caruso was the panicked drowning guy.  Huh.  Guess that was his message to get out of the military and go to the police academy.   


  1. Hmm. I think he looks better older.
    I've never seen An Officer and a Gentleman, but I will one day...maybe. :)

  2. OMG, Summer, you've got to see it. Okay, it's probably not the greatest movie ever, more like it's the greatest movie I saw as a senior in high school. And my freshman collge roommate had a total Navy guy obsession, so the whole thing stuck with me. Sorry if I ruined the plot for you.

  3. Great movie!!! Helps us sexually-deprived women through boyfriendless periods (speaking for myself, anyway). And, though he's almost as hot in American Gigolo, that movie sucks - this one has much better acting and feels somewhat real.