Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Workspace (s)

So yesterday Summer hosted a Workspace Blogfest, and I didn't hop on the bus because, well, I just didn't.  But watching everyone else's stuff was kind of cool, so I'm going to show you where I wrote yesterday.  Now let me tell you this:  I spent a good hour on Saturday cleaning up a little corner of my bedroom and putting a nice pretty smelling candle on the table and making sure everything was very sweet and aesthetically pleasing so that I would have a nice place to anchor myself into writer-mode. 

These are the places I actually wrote my 3427 words yesterday:
 This is my desk at work.  As you can see, I was "on the ball", except I wasn't on the ball about doing actual work that I get paid for if I was NaNo-ing.  But the writing happened mostly when I was off the clock.  The ball is supposed to be a good ergonomic desk chair replacement to strengthen my abs and all that good stuff.  I'm not sure it works like it's supposed to since I spend most of my time bouncing through the lab.  But whatever.
 This is my sewing room.  I am embroidering a bunch of blankets for some little cheerleaders who won some sort of PeeWee Football cheerleading competition.  Do you detect a theme here?  Hint:  It's not "I'm the tidiest person in the world".
 This is BiRT, the Big Red Truck.  I like to drive it because I feel powerful, but I realized last night that when guys are checking me out as I drive by, it's not really me they are checking out.  It's the truck.  I should probably learn something about the size of BiRT's engine though, so I can carry on a conversation about him. 
This, at least, is aesthetically pleasing.  This is the view from Devou Park, in Covington, KY, and it overlooks Cincinnati and the Ohio River.  There to the right of the white sign is Paul Brown Stadium, where the Bengals stink things up on a regular basis.  The yellow arch next to the tree is the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge, AKA the Big Mac Bridge (golden arch).  My hero jumps off of this bridge in my story. 

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