Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday, leaking into Sunday

So.  I spent my weekend earning BIG brownie points by taking my daughter and three other girl scouts on a wild caving adventure in Indiana.  We crawled into a big dark wet hole in the ground, got good and claustrophbic, cold, wet and dirty, and crawled back out.   Next weekend I'll be going horseback riding with an undetermined number of boy scouts.  I should be good to hibernate for the rest of the winter after that.

I was all jazzed up to get back to my NaNo writing on Sunday night.  I opened my file and started to skim through what I had done so far, and realized that I had accidentally copied 1000 words into the story twice, when I was combinig files from different documents.  DANG!  Okay, minor set back.  I was already behind, having taken a few days off to be a parent, but that was such a monday kind of a thing.  I recouped, got two-thousand words in last night.  Not caught up yet, but still better.

Then this morning, I got up and spent a few more minutes writing, in between yelling at various kids to get out of bed and get ready for school.  Yay, good start!  Until I went out to get in the car.  Which I had left out overnight, even though I have a nice warm garage that the car even fits into.  And the battery was dead.  Okay, not so bad, Hubby's Big Red Truck was home since he's out of town, and it started right up.  Damn thing's too big to fit in a parking space at work, though, so I had to use it to charge my battery and drive my own car.  Except that I couldn't find the latch to open my hood.  SHEESH!  Back in the house, get the teenager out of bed to open my damned car hood, move the truck closer, blah blah blah. 

AND THEN, I get to work only to find that my cells are dead.  Which I kind of expect, since it's science, and it's Monday.  But still. 

wah wah wah.  I'm done.  Thank you for letting me share. 


  1. ha ha Terri Anne you should get an award and dont feel bad one of my cps has copied abt 4k words twice and sent it to me, she had been going on too long without any sleep so I sent her to bed.

  2. Rough way to start the week, but hopefully it will get better. And kudos in cranking out 2000 words last night!!