Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday NaNo

Argh!  Okay, I got 3427 words down yesterday, and felt great when I went to bed.  Got up this morning and drove to work, and got hit with "Oh, what the hell am I thinking? I don't have time for this, I suck, I don't even really want to write!"  Why is this happening?  Because my internal editor didn't get enough sleep and had too much coffee.  I am 6.8% of the way there, and it's only day 2.  The goal here is to write a really shitty first draft--and I am really good at really shitty!  I have that attitude almost all the time! 

I figured out that BiRT, the Big Red Truck (get it, BiRT?  I just crack myself up) has a real plug thingy in him.  You know, the kind that real plugs go into, not the cigarette lighter kind?  How long did it take someone to figure out that this might be a useful adaptation for a vehicle?  Rather than researching grammar, maybe I need to look into the timing of the invention of the dashboard cigarette lighter, adapting that to electrical appliances and then converting it into a real plug.  Wow, that could be a story worthy of Geraldo Rivera (the vault's not empty today, peeps!).  Why on earth did it take until 2010 to put that in a car?  Oh, maybe it didn't take quite this long, because we haven't bought a new vehicle in years, but you know what I mean.

Oh, sorry, I was digressing.  ANYWAY, I foung the pluggy in BiRT yesterday and drove to the top of the hill at Devou Park, which overlooks the city of Cincinnati, plugged in my laptop and wrote a few hundred words. I like this.  I can have a new view from my office every day if I just drive BiRT around.  Of course, I discovered pretty quickly that I have to keep BiRT running to keep the power flowing, and since BiRT is diesel, that might not be the kindest thing for the rest of the world, so I might have to use some discretion. 

I took some pictures from my Crackberry, but haven't figured out how to do a blog post from it yet.  I missed Summer's blogfest of office spaces, but I'll try to post them later anyway.  Okay, I should probably do some real work for a while.  Ciao!

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