Thursday, November 4, 2010

6477 words, but does any of it really count? Does anybody really know what time it is?

I didn't really think I would reach self-flagellation this early, but here I am.  I realize that everything that I have written so far is just backstory.  Which is important, but I shouldn't start my novel with it, so I have to start again with wherever the action really begins, right? So does that mean that I'm going to have to be totally honest and pitch these first 6,000 words?  Uh, NO!  I'm saving them, I might need them later.  I'll try to avoid too many flashbacks within flashbacks, but I think they can be tucked in here and there.  

Besides, this is an internal editor-free zone, right?  I think maybe I'm just having a Bad Science Day because I lost my cell pellet this morning (never mind, it would take longer to explain than to just repeat the experiment). 

I'm also a little tired because I went to see Bob Dylan play last night.  Wow, that was really something!
That's him, there to the right, with the guitar and the dorky hat.  It was a very Bob Dylanish kind of a show.  What this means to me is that noone could understand a single word he sang, but we all rocked out anyway because even those of us who don't know all the words can look them up online, and it's just cool to see Bob Dylan.  My oldest son went with me (it was his idea, everyone say "awww", but he just wanted me to go so I would pay for the tickets) and I think he might have been less than impressed, but it was a good time anyway.  

Old Bob played alot of the old Bob songs; you know what they are.  My favorite is Tangled Up In Blue, because it's kind of a love song (at least I think so, even when I know what the words are, I'm not always sure what he's trying to say).    He also did a few swingy/bluesy/rockabilly kinds of things that were newer and very nice.  His voice sounded a bit better on those, too, perhaps because they were written for a 60+ year old voice instead of a 20 year old voice. 

It's funny, I saw Bob play with Tom Petty and the Grateful Dead WAY back in the day (like 1986, on the fourth of July, in Buffalo, NY) but interestingly, don't really remember what they played. Shocking. 

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  1. good job Terri some of those words would come in handy in chapter 5 or 6 so keep em.
    The first draft is always a discovery draft thats when your characters talk to you. Have fun