Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Used Book Grab Bag

My favorite used book store, The Book Rack is having a semi annual book sale this weekend.  I ran in Friday night between dropping off my daughter to get her ankle broken (more on that later) and fetching my husband from the airport.  Their books are normally half off of the cover price, but this weekend, they were 3/4 off, with tons of clearance stuff, like 10 Harlequin oldies for $1.  They also had big brown paper grab bags for $5.  I bought one, just because I can't pass by a bargain, even it it's not a bargain that I need.  How fun!

I got alot of previous best sellers:  Jonathan Kellerman, Danielle Steele ("Irresistible Forces".  I'm not usually a Steele reader, but this one, naturally, I've read), Catherine Coulter, all kinds of stuff.  "Ordinary People" by Judith Guest. 

What I'm most excited about is the handful of historicals from 30+ years ago.  I've got one by Patricia Matthews, Love's Golden Destiny, OMG, these are the first romances I read. My friends and I, reeking of Love's Baby Soft, read "Love's Studliest Hero of the Universe" and dreamt of white knights.  Sigh.  LGD is about, so far, a spunky single woman venturing into the Klondike Goldrush region to make her fortune (?! Really?  Taking portraits in NYC wasn't doing it for her?) as a photographer.  She's got her spoiled flirty older sister along. I think she met the hero a few pages ago when she hired a teamster out from under him. 

It has been so long since I've read any of these books that I can't wait to be able to compare this to the 'contemporary' historicals that I've read over the past years, most of which are Regencies. 

I should have some extra reading time over the next week or so, sitting in doctors' waiting rooms.   It looks like my daughter may have broken her ankle getting out of a friend's car the other night.  She got her foot stuck in the seatbelt and landed on the other foot...heard a snap...owie.  We had x-rays at the ER and she's in a kind of a half-cast splint thing until we see the orthopedist on Monday.  They didn't see a normal break, but think there is something about the growth plate that needs to be addressed.  She's doing pretty well when she's not worried about everyone thinking she's a big faker.  I'm pretty sure that if there's a cast, her credibility will be safe.

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