Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Following Blogs I Follow

I am learning at least as much about blogging and tweeting as I am about writing this month.  So if I  officially follow a blog, it won't automatically show up on my blog list, but my little picture shows up on the follower section of the blogs I follow, right?  And what does being an official 'follower' really do for me?  Do I get updates when those of you that I follow post something new?  Apparently not.  There is probably a button I can toggle somewhere. 

Did you ever notice that if you repeat a word too many times that it stops making sense, and you are no longer certain that you spelled "follow" correctly, or if it's even a word? 


I was going to write about heroes, but I think I'll just go back to obsessing over whether or not I should go to the public NaNoWriMo kick off thing being held in my area.  If I go, what should I wear?  Should I wear my glasses so I'll look smarter and people will think I'm a real writer?  Nope.  Not going.  Too many decision to make. 


  1. Hmmm...I'm pretty sure if you add yourself to the Followers widget, you should be automatically subscribed to their posts. They aren't showing up in your dashboard? I know for some who don't have the widget installed or use a different platform, I've had to add them in manually.

    I've thought about going to my kickoff party too, but it's so intimidating! Maybe I'm not that out of the closet yet either...

  2. Hi fellow romance writer! *waves*

    Are you a member of RWA yet? If so, are you going to conference next July. I'm considering but the big city of NY scares this little Ohian.

  3. You really should go to the kickoff party if it isn't already over. If only I'd known about your blog yesterday. I suspect you are much bolder than I am and I went! And it was fun! Glad you're doing NaNo though.

  4. Hello. *waves* Welcome to the blogging and writing community. :)

    Oh, Nano is so much fun, and meeting other writers in your area is fun too. (they'll have more meet-ups during the month...maybe you'll feel braver.)

    T-minus 4!