Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sure Happy It's Thursday!

I went to a parenting seminar the other evening where we took these personality tests to show us how different people are hardwired to think and work differently.  I've always known that I am a little on the ADD side, but it was comforting to know that I am not alone.  I also learned that, while I almost never speak in complete sentences, and when stressed lose the ABILITY to finish a sentence, I am really good at making inferences, seeing the big picture and using metaphors.  I am the opposite of the linear thinking, list making outliner. 

Maybe this is why I am having so much trouble with the whole plotter vs. pantser thing.  I think I should be a plotter, because I know that I am not very organized, and plotters must be great at putting together outlines and working on their novels in a logical order.  I suspect they get alot more work done and alot more work published, because they are just more on the ball.  However.  Since I am apparently destined to be a pantser, I'm trying to embrace that part of me and not shy away.  I have written down alot of scene ideas, and even have them organized in OneNote in semi-sequential order, with notes about the purpose of the scene.  But I'm not going to kill myself by forcing myself to work on the Cute Meet scene when the scene were my H/H begin to open up to each other is demanding to be written.

I tried this last night.  I hadn't written anything for a week, and kept finding excuses to avoid starting because I feel guilty for not being more organized about it.  But I made myself sit down and open the file, promising myself I could quit after fifteen minutes if it wasn't working for me.  I clicked on the first unwritten scene, and just couldn't deal with it.  Bleh.  I'm not sure what happens there.  So I clicked a little farther down the list, and started writing, and before I knew it, two hours had passed.    Huh!

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  1. I love using One Note for plotting too...I have whole "briefcases" for each novel. Very cool.