Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Teen Idols

When I was a kid, there was this little bookstore not too far from our house.  One day I was there with my mom, thinking about spending my allowance on another Nancy Drew mystery, when I looked up...from across the room, our eyes met...a little quiver started in my tummy...and I knew I was in love.  Later, Nance, hello, Donnie Osmond and Tiger Beat Magazine. 


As I was looking for a picture to share with you, I came across some of my other, temporary crushes:  Leif Garrett, Randolf Mantooth (he was Gage, or deSoto, or...anyway, he was an EMT on the show Emergency!). But it was Donnie who was my main love, until I met Peter Frampton and his hair.  When he had hair. 



Last weekI listened to the audio recording of I Think I Love You, by Allison Pearson .  It's the story of a Welsh girl who was THE ABSOLUTE BIGGEST FAN of David Cassidy. Ever.  It's a great coming-of-age and love story, I highly reccommend it, no matter who your big celebrity crush was. I was not a huge DC fan, but I will confess, I did have a couple of posters of him and his skinny little hairless chest on my wall. 


I moved on to real boys in middle school, but have to confess that I had a brief regression phase when I was in my twenties, when the New Kids on the Block were big.  I would have totally done Donnie in a heartbeat (there's that "guy named Donnie" thing). Obviously I had transitioned from the squeeky clean cutie pie phase and into the grungy, tough, bad-boy (albeit with styling products) phase.

Whimper.  I would STILL do Donnie.  Wahlberg, not Osmond. 

The Drama Queen, who is now, at 13, almost out of the Teeny Bopper crush business, has been mostly a Jonas Brothers fan, though I couldn't tell you which one is the star of her fantasies.  I feel a little creepy just googling them for a picture, like some kind of Cougar Alarm might go off any moment.   

What about you?  Who did you hang on your bedroom wall? Who, all grown up, would you have as your romance hero? 


  1. Oh, I was big on David Cassidy. In retrospect, my taste was questionable. Now I prefer to make up my own romance hero, using bits and pieces of a lot hot male celebrities. Frankenhero, I guess. ;)

  2. I would have to google some of the names of the dudes I was in love with--its been so long. But one that comes to mind is River Pheonix.

  3. Ahh, the wall of fame. I had Patrick Swayze in his Dirty Dancing pose. I also was a big Corey Feldman and Andrew McCarthy fan. None of them turned out so great. My favorite poster wasn't on my wall. It was directly above my bed. A Marine in full camo holding some kind of large, scary, automatic weapon. LOVED him.