Thursday, September 15, 2011

Swords, Sandals and Socks

No, this post is not about hippies run amok. 

I would have illustrated this with a picture of myself from "back in the day" but my kids might visit this blog someday.  Or worse, my mother-in-law...

 It's sock knitting season again, and I always like to have a good TV series DVR'd for those long, dark, damp days of winter (yeah, I know, fall isn't until next week, but we are having a BOOM it's not summer anymore kind of a week here right now). 

I does love me some drama.  A few years ago, a friend told me that she'd become addicted to 24.  Well.  Never one to let a good opportunity for obsession pass by, I ran out and rented the first disc.  The Big Guy and I watched it...and found ourselves bargaining with sexual favors in exchange for the other running to Blockbuster to rent the next disc. I think we watched 24 hours worth of...24 in about 48 hours.  That was the weekend the kids learned to cook for themselves.   Then there were a few seasons of Lost, at least until it got too weird for even the smoke monster to understand.  And then there are all of those re-runs of The Unit...

Last winter, spring, whenever it was, The Big Guy got hooked on this series on HBO, Game of Thrones.  You've probably heard of it, you can't walk past the book department in Kroger or Walmart without tripping over one of the tomes that the series is based on (that is, if a copy of The Help doesn't get you first). 

Anyway, I ignored it.  I don't generally dig swords and sandals movies, even though King Arthur was my first love.  After Donnie Osmond.   I couldn't get into the Lord of the Rings movies, even though my boyfriend Viggo was in it (I liked him better as a fake Russian mobster and Master-Chief-Suck-My-Dick).


Back to Game of Thrones.  Every so often, a particularly interesting naked part would divert me from whatever I was reading, but I didn't really clock in to the plot, having fallen asleep during the first episode. 

But it's sock season again, so I thought I might as well try that first episode again, since I just couldn't bring myself to watch another reality show on regular TV.  Thank heaven for On Demand.  Yeah, I found my next TV addiction.   Except I'm pretty sure all the heroes I've already fallen in love with are going to be dead by the end of the season. 

Eddard, played by Sean Bean

Khal Drogo, played by Jason Momoa And Just in case you can't see him under all that eyeliner:


Meanwhile, I have high hopes for season 2

 Okay, who needs me to knit them a pair or six of socks to wear with their Birkenstocks? 


  1. I came here when I saw your comment that you blogged about Drogo today. Now I'm following your blog, which is awesome.

    Nice to meet you, Teri!

    And you probably liked Eastern Promises because Viggo rocks his Birthday Suit, right? Not that it isn't a great movie.

  2. Now, that's what I call making knitting fun!

  3. For some reason Viggo & sock in the same sentence really makes me get all giddy.

    Game of Thrones is amazing. I don't think knitting & GoT go together though, some of scenes might make you a little stabby, oh, those Lannisters...

    I am most anticipating the start of season 2 of The Walking Dead. I love apocalyptic dramas, especially when filled with zombies!

  4. I wanted to comment earlier, but my phone sucks.

    I think we need to start a NKY "We love Drogo" campaign. <3

  5. Anyone who adores The Unit is good with me. Max Martini *swoon* I'll take him over Viggo anyday.