Friday, September 9, 2011


I'm all about the Warrior-Hero, and if you can beat the hell out of him and twist him up significantly, I love him even more.  Hence my supreme adoration for Navy Seals (real and imaginary),

And those Black Dagger Brotherhood vampires (sadly, all imaginary):

And all kinds of other warrior types:  Men in kilts (because I think, by definition, any man who can get away with wearing a skirt has to be kick-ass), Men in Tights (especially Batman), and men in silky shorts:

There is a new movie opening today, Warrior , and hey...I love it already. 

 Buff men without shirts beating the hell out of each other?  What's not to love?  If you aren't familiar, this is a movie about two brothers who mix it up in the Mixed Martial Arts arena...the School Teacher Family Man brother and the Home From War brother, and their messed up dad, Nick Nolte (who I have loved since Rich Man, Poor Man, which was a TV mini-series a hundred years ago). 

I am going to do everything I can (even if I have to drive all the way to the theater and buy tickets) to see this movie this weekend...If you see it, let me know what you think! 

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  1. Well, the Warriors poster looks nice, I'll give you that. Not sure I want to see those good-looking guys beating each other up. Maybe if there's not TOO much fighting in the movie...let me know after you see it, okay?