Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Making Waves in Kentucky, Part III: In which the book is kidnapped by a pirate.

I have been so overwrought these past few days that I've been unable to recount the events of Friday last, but thanks to much Diet Coke and a few hours on the River, believe I can now share with you my experience; I will share the facts and allow you to draw your own conclusions about the hazards of internet friendships.
I have been blogging and tweeting about my tour of Northern Kentucky with Tawna Fenske 's book MAKING WAVES, and recieved a suggestion to visit the fair city of Verona, Kentucky, just a hop and a skip from my own home.  So I went. 

What a quaint little town! 
As I toured this one-stoplight town (sorry, no picture of the stoplight, it was green and I had to go), I spied author Keri Stevens, with whom I've tweeted (yes, it was she who suggested visiting Verona.  She said there was a semi-nekkid statue in the cemetery there, so I wanted to check it out).  So I stopped and said, "Hey!" and took the opportunity to snap a picture of her with the book:

She opened it to a good part.  She likes it, hey Mikey!
 Apparently, she liked it a little too much, because before I could put my camera away, she was STEALING IT! 

Can you believe it?  Pirating a book about pirates? 
 I was NOT going to let this slide.  That's my book, dammit, and I want it back!  The chase was on.  Over hill and dale, past horses, cows and tractors, I pursued the pirate disguised as a soccer mom: 

Beware writers driving SUV's:  it makes 'em look trustworthy. 
 For a few minutes I thought I had lost her.  But I am nothing if not determined.  I used every bit of knowledge I gained from years of reading Nancy Drew mysteries--and there is also a good bit of Stephanie Plum in this soul.  Using high powered surveillance equipment I found a clue! 
It's the Wine Canoe! 
I had found the Dread Pirate Stevens!  I chased her again, scared the heck out of her whole family, the dog and a couple of cats, and finally caught her on the back patio:
There was no blood spilled, but there might have been a bruise or two (which I got falling on my butt after she let go of the book). 
Since I am an aspiring romance writer, I have to give this story a happy ending (But not a romantic one.  I don't swing that way, and I'm pretty sure Keri doesn't either).  After the big climactic battle scene, I explained that Keri could get her own darned copy of MAKING WAVES.   

Look!  You can order it for your Kindle!

Phew.  That was exhausting.  Fortunately, Verona offers vittles, if one needs to refuel after fighting pirates.
Verona Vittles.  Yum! 
Keri, it was great meeting you!  Maybe next time, you can show me the semi-nekkid statue, unless that was just a ruse.   


  1. LOL! Boy, that book has been through some exciting times with you. Too bad it didn't get to see the semi-nekkid statue, though -- I think it would have like that.

  2. Ahem.
    Semi-nekkid statue can be viewed at http://www.keristevens.com.

  3. You two are better then Lucy and Ricky, George and Gracie, or even Bud and Lou. LOL LOL

  4. LOL, this is freakin' hysterical. You guys had me in stitches with this all day on Friday when you tweeted it. Thanks for the laughs!


  5. I had so much fun following this on twitter. Love the picture of the two of you fighting over the book. Glad to see you prevailed!

  6. Thanks, everyone. And Dawn--she's ruthless. Really.

  7. All that and you still didn't get to see the statue?

  8. Sheree, I invited her back, but she mumbled something about having to wash her hair and drove away.

  9. That was great! Thanks for the laughs :)