Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Entertainment Today

Wow, didn't realize I left the Dead Dog post up for so long!  It's been a busy couple of weeks at Casa del Stanley, getting ready for a graduation party and so forth.  Plus, The Big Guy has been home this week, which always throws off my routine. 

Anyway.  I have been doing a little writing, following the Civil War thread and realizing that I am WAY under educated on the topic.  But whatever.  It's ficiton.  If the citizens of the Commonwealth of KY can create a Confederate heritage, I can certainly make up details about life in an era about which I know nothing. 

I have also been reading and stuff, and here's a rundown:

Okay, WOW.  I had been studiously ignoring everyone who was so excited about this series.  You know, YA, not enough nekkid parts to keep me interested.  But I gave in, and WOW.  It's like, Lord of the Flies and Survivor combined. And, okay, I didn't actually read Lord of the Flies in high school, but I did read the Cliff's notes, so I know the gist.  I'll be chasing down the next two in the series soon.

The Big Guy and I watched this last night.  Not the most original concept, really, but Good VS Evil always works.  Great Abs and tattoos help, too.  And an angel/zombie apocalypse is always nice.  The ending was a little corny, but fortunately it came at...the it's not like I had to overcome major corniness to enjoy the bulk of the movie.

Speaking of corny:
Rob Lowe:  This look says it all:  "I know I'm going to make an even worse Navy SEAL than Charlie Sheen, this mustache itches, and I have to fart."
There is a reason none of us have ever heard of this movie.  When I saw the listing for it, I thought WHAT!?  There is a Navy SEAL movie that I haven't seen?  And it's got ROB LOWE is in it? 

Ugh.  I lasted about twenty minutes.  I'm not sure if it was the ridiculous mustache, or the Officer and a Gentleman Wannabe-ness that got me, but I'm still shuddering a little.  Thank GOD our boy Rob has recovered so nicely:

And finally, it's once again the season of the Vampire:  True Blood is back! 

I have to say that I was not terribly impressed with the first episode of the season.  Too much going on, too many stories to get caught up with, and in a bizzare "Who Shot JR?" kind of a thing, Sookie experienced a bit of a time warp.  If you don't get the "Who Shot JR?" reference, Google "Dallas". 

The second episode was better, but Bill isn't looking so good.  He's got kind of a Dick Clark thing going on...his hair is too dark, and it contrasts poorly with the sexy little signs of aging that would go nicely with salt-and-pepper hair.  There was a lovely scene of Bill doing nekkid stuff with...someone...but I was distracted by the fact that The Bearded Wonder and The Big Guy were both in the room with me while it was on, and honestly:  The Bearded Wonder IS an adult now, but I don't need to know that HE knows where to put tab A.  Fortunately, we DVR'd it, so I can go back and watch again in slow-mo without my offspring around. 

And hopefully next week, there will be more ERIC!!!!!


  1. Yes, more nekked Eric! How do I make that pic my wallpaper? I will find a way.

    And oh my goodness. Rob Lowe on Parks & Rec killed me! I love that show even more now.

  2. Getting that saved as my wallpaper was easier than I thought it would be. Gosh that man is sure easy to look at.

    Did you ever watch Generation Kill?

  3. Okay, don't know how I missed Generation Kill, but I just Wiki'd it (can you tell I'm really working hard this afternoon?) and I think I'll be digging that one out of someone's archives to watch ASAP!

  4. Ooh looks like you've been enjoying lustful research ;O)

  5. *drool*
    I have got to start watching TRUE BLOOD! I don't have HBO, but I hear it is on Netflix.

  6. I don't recommend Eric as a wallpaper. He is so darn distracting! The other girls I work with keep coming over to look, then we start talking and nothing gets done.

  7. We have very similar taste in "entertainment." ;)