Monday, July 18, 2011

Making Waves in Kentucky, Part I

As I mentioned last week, I won a blog contest at Don't Pet Me, I'm Writing.  What I won was an ARC of Making Waves, the debut novel of Tawna Fenske.  And the opportunity to take Making Waves on a tour of Boone County, Kentucky. 

Northern Kentucky may not seem like the most interesting destination on the planet.  Yeah, we have Cincinnati just to the north of us, but,'s Cincinnati. Northern Kentucky is considered by most to be simply "Southern Cincinnati".  But I would like to point out that there are a great many interesting places to visit in NKY, especially if you have a dirty mind.  

So I bring you part I of the Great Making Waves in KY book tour.  Yeah, this is going to be a multi-parter, because I need blog topics this week. 

Day 1:  I arrived home late Friday night to find a big brown envelope in my mailbox.  I took it to my favorite place in the whole wide world:

Here I am, about to make the aquaintance of Alex and Juli and the rest of the crew:  Cody, Jake, and Phyllis.  Can I just mention that, before I became Teri, that I had an evil twin named Phyllis? 
 Then my daughter and I went to our family's campsite.  We have a little spot near the mouth of Gunpowder Creek. 
I introduced Making Waves to Grandpa's boat, but Grandpa wasn't there to take us for a ride. 

Fortunately, The Big Guy was able to get our boat fixed so we were able to get out on the water. 
When I was in college and drove down I-75 with my friends on our way to Spring Break in Daytona Beach or Ft. Lauderdale, we always giggled at the signs for Big Bone Lick State Park.  Well.  I never thought I would find myself living so darned close. 

Or, as the Sam Stanley Experience called it (before he could read):  Big Bone Lipstick Park
  People don't believe me when I tell them that this stuff is real, but you should really visit the thriving metropolis of  Sugar Tit (actually, most people, especially the mayor and the post office, call it Union).  There used to be a sign, but it got stolen.  Huh. 

I bet more people would go to services here if it were called the Sugar Tit Baptist Church.
 In case the Union Baptist Church doesn't work for you, there is also: 


Yes, if you zoom a bit, you can see that this is the Beaver Lick Baptist Church. 
Just in case you are not Baptist, there are some other options, but none are quite as interesting. 

And thus ends the first day of the great Making Waves in Kentucky Book Tour.  You can follow our exploits on twitter, look for #makingwavesinKY !


  1. I'm CRYING laughing at this stuff! You couldn't make it up if you tried. Thanks for the belly laughs this morning! I'm sure MAKING WAVES is having a wonderful time!


  2. Had so much fun watching your pictures on twitter yesterday.

    Love the bath tub and boat pictures!

  3. That is the best.... Enough said!

  4. ROF,L!! The right person obviously won the ARC!!

  5. ROFL!!! This is a fantastic and fun post! Can't wait to read the next parts!

    You should totally send some of these pics (the bathtub one for sure!) to the author! She could use them in promotion. Seriously!