Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Making Waves In Kentucky, Part II: Cody's Ass

There is this really great secondary character in MAKING WAVES, by Tawna Fenske (by the way, go to her blog and check out the details on how you can get a skinny drink coaster).  Anyway, this character's name is Cody, and I don't think I'll be giving too much away if I tell you that he's a slightly (okay, maybe more than slightly) quirky, former professional football player with a fair amount of skill in the kitchen. 

Even before I started reading the book, I thought I would make a stop at Cody Pass part of our Great Making Waves In Kentucky Book Tour.  How delightful to then start reading and make Cody's ( I mean, Cookie's) acquaintance!
Don't you just want to know who lives on Cody's Ass?  Me, too. 
Since Cody is such a great cook (and because we were volunteering in a friend's booth), The Big Guy and I took MAKING WAVES to the Queen City Sausage Festival Sunday evening.  I might point out that the Queen City is Cincinnati, and the Queen City Sausage Festival was held in Newport, Kentucky.  But whatever.  You can see Cincinnati from Newport. 
A view of Paul Brown Stadium (home of the Bengals, be afraid.  Be very afraid. Or not.).  Also, the Roebling Suspension Bridge, built by the same guy that did the Brooklyn Bridge (and we'll sell you some of our bridge, too. Note the artsy sunset photography.  The smog in the Ohio River Valley is very conducive to pretty colors at sunset. 
I suspect that Cody, I mean Cookie, might have appreciated the Andouille Sausage and pasta, although I can highly recommend the goetta Reuben.  If you don't know what goetta is, you gotta getta sample.  It looks nasty, but is seriously tasty.  Google it. 
I can also recommend the Cottage Pie Bites.  Not the name, but the pastry itself. 
One of the fun things about the Ohio River, between Cincinnati and Newport/Covington/Ludlow/Bellevue, is the boating.  I know you can't hear this, but the drunken revelers on this raft of boats must have had binoculars, because they started chanting "Tawna! Tawna!" when they saw me carrying the book around on the shore.  Really. 
Okay, maybe not.  But they looked like they were having fun, and I bet if I'd asked them too, they would have started chanting.  Come see us during the WEBN Fireworks on Labor Day Weekend.  They'll take off their clothes and chant then, too. 
Thus concludes Part II of the Great Making Waves In Kentucky Book Tour.  We have a couple more stops to make, but I've been so busy reading the book, I haven't gotten out to take it places.  The 115 degree heat index isn't helping, either. 

Oh, BTW, a shout out to Gregor Mendel, who would have been 189 today.  Eat some peas in his honor. 


  1. ROF,L!! Love the pic of CODY *ASS.

    You've given Making Waves a truly super book tour. :)

  2. I'm enjoying this book tour! I haven't ever been to Kentucky and am really loving the pics!

  3. This is fabulous! Totally love it (as would Cody/Cookie, I'm certain!)