Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Big Smoocharoo

I know that you are all still devastated that I lost my post yesterday about strong heroines...but as a wussy heroine myself, I am still wallowing and not quite ready to try again. Besides, I forgot what I was going to say. 
Fortunately, MSN this morning has a link to the 25 most fabulishious Movie Star Kisses, at least according to "In Style"
Iconic Kisses - Gone with the Wind - Scarlett O'Hara
Of course, the first kiss up is Rhett and Scarlett, duh.  I didn't even really "get" Gone With the Wind, but I totally would have thrown down with Rhett Butler.  Ashley Wilkes?  Oh come on. His name is ASHLEY fer chrissakes. 
Some others on the list:
Lady and the Tramp

When Harry Met Sally

Pretty Woman

Ghost (So the kiss referenced is the one where Whoopi Goldberg channels Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore kisses him/her.  That didn't really work for me, but the pottery scene was pretty hot)
Iconic Kisses - Ghost - Demi Moore


Love Story

Twilight (kissing cold dead guys really doesn't work for me either, but hey...that leaves more warm guys for me!)

Slumdog Millionaire

Say Anything (and I don't remember the kiss from that movie. What I remember is John Cusack standing outside holding a boom box playing "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel.   The. Most. Romantic. Scene. Ever. 

Breakfast at Tiffany's

From Here to Eternity (which looks great, but I can't stop thinking about all that sand getting in the naughty bits)
Iconic Kisses - From Here to Eternity - Beach Kiss
So what movie star kisses are your favorites?  When writing a kissing scene, do you try to channel Patrick Swayze, or do you practice on your pillow?


  1. I like most of the ones on the list. *sighs happily* Nothing beats a good movie/TV kiss.

    When I write a good kissing scene I just do the obvious: put myself right in my MC's shoes. Luckily, my rich fantasy life lends itself well to my fiction. ;)

  2. I'm totally with you on the Ghost kiss. (shiver)

    I loved 50 First Dates, Ever After and Never Been Kissed. I guess I like Drew Barrymore kisses, lol. :D