Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Alert

I just spent half an hour writing a BRILLIANT post about Marshmallow Fluff heroines, complete with well-developed examples and insightful analysis of how to have a wimpy-on-the-inside-tough-on-the-outside heroine, but then my sweater sleeve got caught on something, I hit the wrong button and now it's all gone. 

It's Monday, that's what happens. As a tough-as-nails heroine myself (yeah, right), I'm just going to reload and move on. 

Have a great Monday, maybe I'll try again later...but I'm also going to Cancun in a few days, and I need to get my toes polished so that I won't be self-conscious when the cabana boys are rubbing my feet. 


  1. If I learned one thing in art school it was to "save often" - I constantly am clicking Ctrl+S to avoid the delete snafu... CANCUN? WOW! Have a BLAST!

  2. Aw, that sucks about losing your post. But, boy, the prospect of Cancun and cabana boys must take the sting out of it!