Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's all about the Brownie Buttons

I am a sucker for a reward system.  I belong to Spark People and get little fake goodies for loggin in, reading the healthy stuff, exercising, all kinds of good stuff.  I am a girl scout leader, my girls get badges and awards for fulfilling requirements for a particular activity.  I have a son who is working towards becoming an Eagle Scout. 

And now I have a reward system for being a writer!  Ali Cross, the Writing Ninja has just developed a belt system for us writers who are struggling with where we are in our process.  I totally LOVE that I can now proudly say, that I am a White Belt with two stripes Writing Ninja (I don't think I'm ready to be turned loose to save literature from television yet, but I'm working on it!).
Go, me!  This means that I have done the following:
1) decided to call myself a writer
2) actually started writing
3) started a blog
4) started following other blogs
5) have been writing in earnest for six months
6) have been blogging for six months.

How fun is that???
After I've been blogging for 12 months and joined a writer's association, I'll get my yellow belt!  Yay. 


  1. Go, ninja! *\o/* <--That's a cheerleader. See her pompoms?

  2. Does this mean I have to cyber-bow to you? Congratulations, Ninja writer!

  3. Nice I like the idea of rewards. Hello Ninja Terri