Monday, January 30, 2012

Too Cute for My Imagination?

My 14 YO daughter and I have been arguing over who gets to have Channing Tatum for her imaginary boyfriend.  My husband says that's kind of hillbilly of us, but whatever. 

I am thinking that I may have to let her have this one.  He's just too damned pretty for me. 


  1. Dads just don't understand how Moms and their daughters talk. My daughter and I just try not to say stuff like that around the Dad person. Of course, then he looks at us funny when we point at the TV and giggle over Hugh Jackman.

    Yeah, Channing is too young and pretty. He's all your daughters'. =o)

  2. Pretty enough, but he need a little bit of hair on his chest. ;)

  3. Young & pretty, indeed, but I wouldn't kick him out of bed. I agree with Linda, gimme one with some chest hair, helllloooo Mark Ruffalo.

    I think the imaginary boyfriends between moms & daughters is an amazing bonding experience! Right now my 10 year old and I are in agreement that Spencer from iCarly is so cute!

  4. He's young and pretty, let your daughter have him. But he sure is nice to look at;).