Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Whaaa? Where Did THAT Come From?

I may have a slight book-acquisition addiction, and always have WAY more on my TBR list that I will ever read (unless something wonderful happens and I am snowed in my house for, say, three years with plenty of food and water), but I usually recognize the books I own.

After finishing Crash Into You,

( by my very first follower, Roni Loren, Hi, Roni!) last night, I went to pick something from by book case, and front and center was this book:
Nightkeepers (Final Prophecy, Book 1)

Honest to God, I have no idea where this book came from! 
The blurb on the front is by JR Ward, which tells me that I totally would pick this book up and probably buy it if I ran across it in the used book store, or check it out from the library, or whatever...but I have no recollection of doing so. 

It doesn't have the little stamp that says I bought it at the Book Rack, and it's not a library book. 
I do buy new books, but usually new books by authors I haven't read go onto the Kindle. 

So, anyway, I'm reading it.  The first few pages have been a bit cumbersome, there is a lot of background world-building stuff going on--although, in all fairness to Ms. Anderson, I was trying to read while The Big Guy was watching Spartacus.  Which has a lot of blood and guts and very nekkid hot guys in it.

Hot guys like that, and usually even more naked.  And getting busy. 

ANYWAY; in spite of the distractions, I have gotten to the meat of the story, and I think I'm going to like this series. 
And if you are an author, and ever wondered if endorsements by other authors matter?  Yeah.  If JR Ward's blurb wasn't on the cover, I probably wouldn't have bought it, and probably would have given up before gettting through the explanations of the Mayan calendar. 

But  the arrival of this book is a great mystery: maybe a demon from the end of 2012 brought it to me, and I am supposed to read it and figure out a way to help the studly Night Keeper guys prevent the end of the world in a few months.  It's possible. 

Verrrry, verrry interesting!  (and if you don't get that cultural reference, go watch some old episodes of Laugh-In.  It was kind of the pre-Saturday Night Live).

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  1. Maybe it was delivered by the book fairy?

    BTW, thanks for the eye candy!