Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Snow Day and the Pointless Blog

We got quite a few inches of snow here last night--woo hoo!  I'm not sure how many inches, because I've been occasionally mislead about how long...oh, never mind.  But waking up with six inches is enough to stay in bed for an extra hour, waking up to eight inches, all day.  Okay, Okay, I'll stop with the inappropriate innuendos. 

My kids are off school today, but they are old enough now that they can be left home alone on a snow day while I suck it up and go to work.  The house is usually still standing when I get home.  I do get to go in late, though, because there's this giant hill on the way into the city, and on a snow day (or a rainy day, or a windy day) the Cut in the Hill can back up for miles and miles. 

I get to watch Regis and Kelly, and now Ellen is on.  My boyfriend Tim McGraw was on Ellen this morning, totally rocking his little nerdy glasses.  Sigh. 

I miss the stay-at-home mom days when I could waste a whole morning watching talk shows and feeling guilty for not getting much done, but now I go to work and feel guilty for spending too much time blogging. It's all long as I get to feel guilty.

Okay, that's all, I'm off to find a clean pair of jeans so I can get dressed and try to get to work! 


  1. LOL! Personally, I don't mind waking up to 8 long as I don't have to shovel. ;)

  2. Aw, I was enjoying the inappropriate innuendos :-) We had a snow day in, uh...never. We had three hurricane months off in 2005, but I'd rather have been at work! (Thanks, Katrina.)

  3. We actually had a hurricane here (Cincinnati) a few years ago. No rain, just winds. Honest to God. Knocked out the power for a week, all over the area.

    Got some good innuendos out of that one, too.

    Turns out the 8 inches I thought we had was really only four. Story of my life. Going home to shovel...

  4. I heard Faith Hill packs a healthy wallop, careful there.
    My friend is in ohio too we've been chatting about the snow, hang in there

  5. We've had about two and a half feet of snow in the past 10 days so I've had enough of the whole winter wonderland scene to last me for a while.

    We got those hurricane winds, too. Amazing that that storm still had that much power left in it after traveling over land that far.

    Got those Christmas decorations up yet? You don't have much longer, ya know!

  6. Joanna: I out weight Faith Hill by a good...well, I outweigh her. I can take her.

    Mary: I did finish the tree. AND I remembered to water my pointsettias this morning. Haven't taken the decoration boxes out of the living room yet, but hey...I'm going to need them again in March when I put everything away.