Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Accent on Accents

Who isn't a sucker for an accent?  My first love was Davey Jones of the Monkees, and while I was initially attracted to his smooth, hairless chest, I was forever conditioned to coo over British accents. 

This intense love affair lasted until I was 9, when I got taller than him.  But really...those soulful eyes (okay, maybe they're a little ooky, but they seemed soulful when I was six), that hairless little chest?  What's not to adore?  And the accent.  Oh. My. Gosh. Made me a Daydream Believer.  Until stupid Marcia Brady hornswoggled him into kissing her.  Slut. 

And then there was Bond.  James Bond.   Roger Moore, Eh.  Not so much.  But that Scottish Bond, shooeee.  And look there, bottom right of this composite...he's got a seriously long gun.  Not as wide-barreled as you might hope for, but a skilled operator doesn't need...oh, well, you get the analogy.  Or metaphor.  Whatever.  Sean 


And then there is the Irish accent.  Sigh  Did you see Liam Neeson in  The Good Mother? Nell?  Darkman?  Okay, maybe the Jedi mind tricks made you forget those movies, but I've been a Liam girl for years. 

Now back to the English Accent:  The blue-eyed Bond, Daniel Craig.  And there's this scene where he's tied nekkid to a chair and...well, Tiffany, that scene's for you.  I'll do the kiss it and make it better scene. 

Let's not forget our own good old American Boy accents, especially those southern boys.  Tommy Lee Jones is my personal fave.  Yeah.  That's him.  How cute was he, even way back before he was Loretta Lynn's husband or a Man In Black?

And East Coast Boys are hip.  Yo, Adriane! 

But my absolute favorite accent is the Spanish one.  Not the Mexican Spanish one, the actual Spanish Spanish one.  Just saying the words "Antonio Banderas"  makes my rrrr's roll around in ecstasy. 

I once worked with a man from Spain.  He sounded just like Antonio B on the phone.  He looked more like Andy Sipowicz crossed with Archie Bunker, but if you just listened, he was like Viagra in pink. 

What accents do it for you? 


  1. I love a man with an accent. And I'm pretty universal in my tastes; I like British, Australian, Spanish, etc. I find them all appealing. When we lived in Europe I loved to hear my name pronounced by native French speakers. Plain old Mary sounds way more exotic when it's said with a male French accent.

    I was dazzled by Bobby Sherman back in the day, who didn't have an accent that I recall. Davy Jones was a little too pretty for my taste. Totally agree with the Antonio pick, though.

  2. And Bobby Sherman wasn't pretty? *snort*

  3. Yeah, he probably was. I can't remember him too much anymore to be honest. I did love Davy's accent though.

  4. I'm a sucker for those Brits. Oh yes indeed.

    Daniel Craig FTW. He's my favourite Bond.

    (I am also overly fond of Jason Isaacs, and I have been a fan of David Bowie since I was about 6...)

  5. Anything British really rings my chimes. :)

  6. Yes I'm a sucker for a good accent or an alluring voice. Having lived in the UK since I was 2 yrs old, the British accent per se doesn't get me going, though some men's voices can melt the heart. I love the voices of Liam Neeson; Sean Connery; Antonio Banderas and there must be others that have me swooning, I shall have to think about it. :O)

  7. Ooh, I love an accent too. British is great, Spanish as well. One of my heroes in my current novel has the Spanish accent. And even though I live in the South and hear it all the time, I'm also a sucker for a deep southern drawl. Not too twangy, but something like Matthew McConnaughay (or however the heck his last name is spelled.)

  8. Oh yeah, accents just melt me inside out. My current fave? Gerard Butler. Oh dear god, he's not only gorgeous to look at, but his accent is to die for. Yum.

  9. hahaha! Great post! I love a good deep South African accent actually ;o)