Friday, December 17, 2010

Nerdly Geekily Hot

My boyfriend Tim McGraw was on Ellen yesterday (I know, I mentioned that yesterday, but I thought it bears repeating).  Tim is not necessarily someone that I automatically look at and go, "OMG, he's so HOT".  I mean, look at him: 
   The goatee thing is hot.  But really...he's not terribly tall, he's got a receeding hairline, average brown hair, and he's totally eclipsed by that skanky blonde he insists on hanging out with (just kidding, are actually a very elegant, cool chick.  Now get away from my boyfriend).  And he's wearing nerdy glasses there.  He wore them on Ellen yesterday.   But he's just so darned cute, especially when he's not wearing that dorky cowboy hat: 
I mean, really, kids.  EVERY country star can wear a stupid cowboy hat.  That's how you know they are a country star and not, say, a rapper. 

But take away the cowboy hat and Faith Hill, and you probably wouldn't look twice at him if you were in line behind him at Kroger.  He's just kind of, average, albeit in a nice looking way. Except I bet he smells good.  You might notice that.

Last night on twitter, there was a lively chat ( #wtflitchat) about nerds and dorks in smutty romance.  The question was, can a dork be hot?  Well, I guess first you have to define "dork".  This is the Urban Dictionary definition: "Someone who has odd interests, and is often silly at times. A dork is also someone who can be themselves and not care what anyone thinks."
Whereas a nerd is, "One whose IQ exceeds his weight".
The consensus during the chat was that dorkiness is an issue of social skills, where nerdiness has a more intellectual quality.  The two can certainly cross over. 
I think there are alot of hot, dorky nerds out there.  I mean, who doesn't want to secretly do Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory? 
  Okay, maybe that's not a good example.  But I'm sure he appeals to some of us.
The point is, that intelligence and humor are WAY sexier than alot of other, more concrete measures of studliness like the Ab Harness Scale or the length and breadth of...well, you know.   The idea is that, underneath that average exterior lies an interesting person, willing to take chances and try new things. 
And let's face it.  The sexy librarian is NOT a new concept: 

Marian.   Madame Librarian. 
Even if she did wind up being Keith Partridge's mom and driving a dorky school bus...Hey!  There's that dork concept again. 
I'm pretty sure if asked to describe ourselves, most of us would be more likely to go with "nerdy, boring, average" rather than "Hot, sexy, vixen".  At least to the outside world. In our own minds, we have that naughty ne'r do well Music Man/ Con Artist trying to seduce us out of our corsets. 

The same goes for guys, right? I mean really...Clark Kent, in his glasses and conservative suit, or Superman, running around in tights with his junk on display? 

One of my favorite Sexy Nerd books is Strange Attractions  by Emma Holly, which stars a nerdy physicist (model for Sheldon?  Probably not);and Tiffany Reisz's Seven Day Loan has a very nicely naughty librarian.  Whimper. 
 Vicki Lewis Thompson wrote a whole Nerd series.  What are your favorite nerd stories?  What nerd or dork (or heck, Geek, even) do you really want to see put down his duct taped glasses? 


  1. I like a sexy nerd, too. Smart is sexy.

    But, I also like batboys and everything in between. Hot and tasty comes in lots of flavors. ;)

    Happy weekend!

  2. I married a geek whose brother is both a nerd and a dork AND a geek. And I'm a self-proclaimed nerd & geek. And actually my IQ is higher than my weight, but just barely and probably not after Christmas.

    I've always gone after nerdy boys. To me, intelligence has always been the most desirable trait. One of my old boyfriends was a math genius, and had the smokin'est body I ever got my hands on. He was a swimmer and a runner.

    How about Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds?? MEOW!

  3. i'm married to a dorky nerd - there is nothing hotter.
    Tim McGraw's hat hides the receding hairline and makes him look cute.

  4. Totally agree that Tim McGraw is a good looking guy in an understated kind of way. Prior to seeing The Blind Side I couldn't have picked him out of a line up since I'm not a country music fan. But yeah. I'm on the Tim McGraw bandwagon now.

    I love the whole nerdy guy thing. (I married one after all.) There's definite sex appeal to contemplating what lurks behind that nerdy (but cute) exterior.

  5. Nerds are hot. Talk nerdy to me, baby! ;)

  6. gosh, I feel like the only one here who didn't get to marry a nerd! I got the former jock instead. Although he's a smart former jock, and he has glasses, so I guess I'll keep him.