Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ack! This Sh*t is Getting Real!

Sooo...I have a Facebook Author Page  now, and as soon as I figure out how to install the linky widget deal, I'll do that, so you can like me (you like me, don't you?). 

And I finally did the author page thing because I got added to the Seymour Agency email loop, and someone asked me for my Facebook link. 

And I got added to the Seymour Agency email loop because, you know, that's where my agent lives.  Not inside the loop, I'm pretty sure she's a real person, I've seen pictures and we've spoken on the phone.  I don't think she's a man pretending to be a woman so that I'll feel like an idiot in front of all of ESPN.  Anyway.

And I got an agent because I wrote a book, and Entangled is going to publish it, and OH YEAH!  It's got an official title now! 

*drum roll*

Coming soon from Entangled Publishing....DEADLY CHEMISTRY

Ta da! 

I'm also going to get a real website soon. I think. That's a whole 'nother learning curve, though.

UPDATE: (later that day, after much twisting and turning)  I found the Facebook badge widget thingy!  woot!

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  1. I stopped by here last night, went there, got so excited and posted about it on FB - and totally forgot to come back here to comment. Congratulations on the new page. It looks great. Here's hoping you get tons of followers. =o)