Sunday, January 13, 2013

Who's Love Child Are You?

The new season of Justified started last week.  This makes me very happy.

I love me some Timothy Olyphant.

L.O.V.E. me. some. T.O. Don't you just want to eat him up?

In  case you're not familiar, Justified is a series on FX about a U.S. Marshall who comes home to Harlan County, Kentucky, where he runs into his best friend from his younger days, who is living on the other side of the law. As a matter of fact, EVERYONE from the old neighborhood, including Dear Old Dad, is living in the gray zone of lawful behavior.  Hijinks ensue.

Elmore Leonard is the executive producer.  You know, the Get Shorty guy.  No, not Danny DeVito. The writer.

ANYWAY.  I was thinking how much I appreciate Elmore Leonard's sense of irony, and as a writer, I really want to channel some of that. Except, I'm a romance writer. So I've decided that I'm going to be the love child of Elmore Leonard and Taylor Swift. Please, let's not remind me of how much older I am than Taylor Swift . As in, old enough to be her mother. It's a metaphorical kind of thing, right?

So.  Who do you channel?  Are you a cross between George Lucas and Lady Gaga?  No? Then who? Discuss.


  1. Oh, fun! Hmmm. Well, as a writer, I might be the intellectual love child of Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files) and Janet Evanovich (Stephany Plum series).

  2. I love it! That's perfect for you. But just so ya know, Ranger is my boyfriend. So you can't use him.

  3. Timothy is handsome! I think I'm too boring to be a celebrity love child;). Fun topic though!