Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jessica Lemmon : A Tempting Interview

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my awesome friend Jessica Lemmon 's first book, TEMPTING THE BILLIONAIRE* has been released. I read it, it's AWESOME, and the cover is black and white and pink.  And I'm not just saying that because Jessica is my friend and I'm hoping she'll say the same thing about my book when it's published. If I didn't like it, I would say something like, "Please buy this book, because Jessica needs to pay for writing classes." or, "It's black and white and pink."  If I only kind of liked it, I would say something like, "Jessica is a writer to watch. I look for bigger and better things to come from her." or,  "It's black and white and pink and has some funny parts." 


I have the privilege of hosting Jessica on her big world Blog Tour today, so I asked her some very deep, probing questions about her writing life and TEMPTING THE BILLIONAIRE.

So, Jessica, here we go:

1. This is your first published novel, but I know it's not the first one you've finished.  What's the WORST story you've ever written?

That award would have to go to my first manuscript, a rambling 35,000 words about a girl returning home to her ten-year reunion. *cringe* I think the characters had potential, but, oy, cliché much?

2.  How much fun is it to write a nekkid scene and know that your mom is going to read it?
Confession time (I’m in a safe space, right?): I had *such* an issue with this for a while! Nekkid scenes, swearing, innuendo…then I realized I am thirty-sev-er…something years old! I can do what I want! *adds foot stomp for effect*

3. I know your hero, Shane, is the Supreme Overlord of Chocolate Chip Cookies, and he's good at a lot of other things (heh heh) but we had a little trouble at the Twitter party convincing him to do his Magic Mike impression. Do you think that maybe, in a future story, you can convince him to do a guest appearance strip tease at someone's bachelorette party?
I love that title! Maybe he should replace his desk plaque, Shane August SOCCC. ;)  Yes, he’s not much of a dancer, I’m afraid. His hips are better utilized in other ways. What? I meant hula-hooping. (No I didn’t.) P.S., I think that guest appearance is most definitely, assertively, not going to happen. Sorry.

4.   If Crickitt hadn't met Shane, do you think she would be Team Jax from Sons of Anarchy, or Team Dean and Sam from Supernatural (either or both ;))?
HA! I know *my* answer. *stares into space while thinking about Jax Teller* …what were we talking about? Oh, right, Crickitt. I think she’d side with Dean. Given her affinity for scary movies and the supernatural, he’d be right up her alley.

5.  I'm a contemporary romance writing girl, too, but I love to read in other genres.  If you were going to write in another time period, what would it be?  
Don’t I know it! Can’t wait to celebrate *the* Teri Anne Stanley’s first release! Another time period? Hmm, as romantic as historical reads are to some folks, I am a focus-forward kind of girl. I’m going to (ambiguously) say “The Future” and leave it at that. Beam me up, Scottie…indeed.

Thanks a billion (ha. ha.) for visiting today!

*disclaimer:  This billionaire has no intention of tying up any virgins for spanking purposes. 


  1. Ha, ha, great disclaimer!!! Nice to read your interviews, Jessica! I love reading and it's always nice to learn a bit more 'behind the scenes'!

  2. *waves at Jessica* Hi there! See you over on my blog real soon. :)

  3. Sue, I always loved that, too! Thanks for visiting! :-)
    Linda, can't wait!!!

  4. So fun to read...I look forward to reading my requirements so I can get started!!

  5. Well, I have to say I love the questions and answers in this interview almost as much as I loved Tempting the Billionaire. Nicely done, ladies.