Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Comfort TV Shows

I would like to say I've been fighting a cold the past few days, but really, I've just been letting it roll over on me.  And letting it kick me.  And spit on me.  I surrender to you, Respiratory Virus!  You win!  Go away now. 

I found myself wishing I could stay home on the couch with my Grandma and eat chicken noodle soup and watch The Price Is Right.  That is one of the best memories of my childhood. My mom's mom lived with us, and she was always home with us when we were sick.  She loved game shows and Days of Our Lives.  I'm sure that it was a major disappointment to her when I grew up to watch ABC soaps.  Sorry, Mamaw, peer pressure won out.  My boyfriend's mom watched General Hospital.  What can I say?  But we bonded over those game shows.  My kids watch Price Is Right with my mother-in-law when they are with her during the day. 

 We went to my parents' last friday night for a while to sit with my dad while my mom went to dinner with a friend.  He's doing much better now, getting himself up and down and pretty much doing for himself after his heart surgery.  His fluid balance is off, he seems to either be retaining water or dehydrated, but hopefully that will settle down soon.  Oh yeah, game shows:  So what do you think we watched with my dad when we were visiting?  Yup. WHEEL.  OF.  FORTUNE!  and Jeopardy. 

I still kick everyone's butt at Wheel of Fortune.

I go to game shows when I am feeling crappy.  My husband chooses bad talk shows and judge shows.  Jerry Springer and Judge Judy make him feel better.  Whatever!

What about you?  What do you do to entertain yourself when you feel crummy?


  1. oh man. I know if i ever got picked to be one of the contestants, i could make a KILLING on Prices is Right. Fact.

  2. Hmmm. I generally cuddle up on the couch and watch a show that I really love, like Supernatural or Mad Men. I also take a lot of naps.

    Feel better soon!

  3. Aw, sorry you've been laid low by the respiratory demons. I've been nursing my boys (hubs & son) through a nasty bought of bronchitis, so I sympathize.

    As for when I get hit...well, I drag out my "comfort books" -- the ones I've read so often it doesn't matter if I can't concentrate. Barbara Michaels, Diana Gabaldon, early Jean Auel...they all work to get me away from myself for a while.

  4. Hey Twin. Glad your dad is doing better. Your grandmother sounds like mine -- always watching the game shows. Fond memories of playing cards with her too. I prefer not to get sick but when I do bed, maybe some reading and watching hot guys on TV. Like Jensen Ackles, Shemar Moore, Max Martini. Oh, my muses.