Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Title Update

Hey!  I'm only about ten days late on my promise to have a title for my marina story...and a winner of the Amazon Gift card.

There's a story here. It's long and sordid, and involves babies (not mine), exterminators (mine) and a general inability to make decisions, resulting in brain spasms (something I invented recently). I'm not going to share it.

But after many emails and a phone call, my agent and I decided that as long as we had a title for the SERIES, we could work around the actual novel title for now. 

But I announced a contest, and while I might be slow and disorganized, I'm generally honest (notice I hedged on that statement). I decided, in order to be fair, to draw a name from the list of people who contributed AWESOME title suggestions for the marina story.

And the winner, of a $10 Amazon gift card, is the lovely and talented Kate Warren! Woo Hoo! 

Kate, please get in touch with me (email me at Teriannestanley (at) gmail (dot) com, and I'll get you a code, with which you can buy many, many things from Amazon. As long as they are small things.

Everyone else?  You guys rock.  Thank you!

Honorable mention goes to Jami Field for "Muddled Moorings at Clandestine Cove."  When I change my name to Carolyn Keene and start writing grown up Nancy Drew Mysteries, I'm totally using that.

Oh. By the way. The series title is Hot Summer Secrets. Cool, huh? BWAHAHAHAHA!