Monday, February 4, 2013

Crying through the Super Bowl

Good Monday, Everyone!

Here we are, everyone trying to pretend we didn't overeat or overdrink or both yesterday, during Commercial Fest. There was even kind of an interesting football game during breaks between commercials. And that woman with the booty pop and whippy hair thing was kind of cool.

What was your favorite commercial?  The one that got me tearing up was the Clydesdale...nothing like the song Landslide to make me cry in the first place...then throw in a baby horse and a cute farmer (or trainer, or whatever his job title was)?  Fuggeddaboutit. And I wasn't even full of Budweiser! 

My favorite was the commercial for Time Warner Cable, with Darryl from Walking Dead.  I love Darryl.

Not quite sure I "got" the first commercials for the new Bud brand.  I suspect I'm not the demographic they're aiming for (you know, middle aged, ex-drinker)...

I also didn't quite "get" the Doritos goat (bwah hah ha--get it? Get your goat? ) until I'd seen it a couple of times, but the dress up dad one was cool.

I liked the Paul Harvey farmer one, too, but shhh....don't tell Mr. Stanley....he's a Ford truck guy. 

I would post links here, but frankly, I'm sure you've seen them all six times already. 

My kids are big fans of the E Trade baby...Mr. Stanley has them convinced that the guy who does the voice of the baby is a friend of his, who he only identifies as Shankapotamus. And my kids are teenagers. I think they'd have better bullshit detectors, but whatever! 

Okay, so tell me what you liked! 

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  1. I *loved* the Clyde commercial and the farmer one. Didn't care that they were about Budweiser or Dodge--I only loved the music, the message, the HEART of them. Tear jerkers for sure!