Monday, February 20, 2012

If you Woke Up and Channing Tatum Said He Was Your Husband...

Some things just don't add up. 

My daughter and I went to see The Vow the other night, and after I got over my annoyance at all the skanky women in the theatre drooling over my imaginary boyfriend, settled back to enjoy the view.

If you aren't familiar with the story, The Vow is "based on true events" about this couple who are all in love, and they have a car accident, and the wife gets amnesia and doesn't remember meeting or marrying the husband.  She wakes up thinking it's five years ago when she was engaged to another guy and living with her parents, and in law school. 
So here is my problem: 
When Rachel McAdams wakes up from her medically induced coma, and CT is standing over her bed, and he tells her he's her husband, she's all like, "Go away". 



And he gets all devastated when she doesn't remember him right away...I'm no neuroscientist (Oh, wait.  Yes, I am), but I know enough about head injuries (mostly from personal experience and reading romance novels) that doctors are going to warn you that there can be some confusion when the patient wakes up.  But he's still run-out-of-the-room-and-collapse-next-to-the-Pepsi-machine devastated.  I don't think that scene was necessary.  I know that it was intended to show just how much he loves her and stuff, but it just seemed kind of too drama-queen for this moment. 

Then, after she decides she's going to take his word that he's her husband (at least THAT part made sense), he brings her home from the hospital to a big-ass welcome home party, which doesn't go over well.  And he does say, "I didn't know there would be so many people here", but still.  Wouldn't you be more likely to go with, "Hey, some of our friends are going to stop by later", and then have too many people show up? 

After those few dumbass scenes, the movie was pretty good.  There was a lot of clever dialogue, cute, funny, sweet, romantic junk, while CT tries to make his wife fall in love with him. She never gets her memory back, and she moves back home with her parents, and there is pretty major Dark Moment stuff there (and a late-story Save the Cat moment). 

And the nekkid butt scene was cool, but you gotta pay the $10 for that one, I don't have a picture to post here.

So here is my official review:  Great Chick Flick, but don't bother trying to cooerce the Man Unit to go with you...he might snore as loud as the guy in the back row at our theater, and don't expect an Oscar Nomination for Best Actor, (or Best Screen Play)  to come out of this one.


  1. Okay, this clinches it. The nekkid butt can wait for the DVD. ;)

  2. "Clinches" it? or "Clenches" it?

    Oh, I crack myself up.

  3. Ack! I needed a ***Spoiler alert*** in there!!! Good to know its a wait for Netflix kinda thing, though.

  4. "drama-queen scene", "dumbass scene", "nekkid butt" and "save the cat". Teri you are MY kinda girl!

  5. Ok, Channing Tatum -- Obviously a "stage" name of some sort.. i personally think his name should be Joey. for arguments sake, today his name is Joey... Anyway, i shall get to the point.. "Joey" Is mine woman. He is my imaginary boyfriend.. In dear John, i had an imaginary, visual orgasm in which we conceived a child.. -Love ya