Monday, November 7, 2011

Torturing a Hero: By Making Him Apppear in My NaNo Novel

My poor hero is not having a very good time so far during NaNoWriMo.  He was very comfortable living a life of seclusion, with a semi-new identity, avoiding the notoriety that came with being the Charlie Sheen of golf.  But then I thought him up (along with some help from Kate).  And I'm trying to torture him. 

Except my hero, Chris, looks more like this:

He just used to act like C.S. 

So far, he's had to sit in a hot parking lot waiting for his uncle to come out of the grocery store (how is THAT for an exciting first hero scene?), then Uncle Carl goes and has a stroke on him, and he finds out that Uncle Carl has neither health insurance nor a living will (so even if he wanted to pull the plug on the old fart, he can't), and NOW this weird, uptight scientist chick has shown up expecting him to give her golf lessons.  Next thing you know she's going to be dragging him around where his identity might be exposed, threaten his hard-won sobriety, and probably make him fall in love with her or something. 

What are you doing to your hero or heroine? 


  1. My heroine has tackled by the hero, knocked unconscious by another being and forced to ride on the back of a motorcycle at a scream-inducing rate of speed.

  2. Mine is suffocating, and then drowning.

    Did I mention she's a mermaid?