Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Macarena and Cheese

I have two really wonderful crit partners.  I med Kate Pembrooke at my first online writer's workshop.  She said something that resonated with me (probably about being a newbie lurker) and we started to chat away from the loop, decided to buddy up.  We send each other stuff we've been working on, and encourage each other, and forgive each other for getting caught up with our families and procrastinating.  Kate writes Regency, and she has a great knack for characterization.  She's been submitting stuff for contests, and I bet she's going to start getting some nibbles soon.  So get back to work, Kate, finish that book! 

I connected with Dawn Alexander on twitter.  We both follow @roniloren, and started chatting there, and decided to connect to do some critting. She writes suspense, which I am trying to write, too.  She's the plotter of the family.  I read the last manuscript she wrote, and it had everything:  scary bad psycho nut job, a little clairvoyance, secondary characters which BETTER be getting their own story soon...oh, and an ending. 

Dawn is also a blogger, and a few weeks ago she asked me to be her tuesday featured writer.  Most of the time she has REAL writers who have actually published something, but she must have been feeling sorry for me, because she invited me to be her guest this week.  Anyway, check out Chasing Someday .  Maybe then you'll understand my post title.  Maybe not, but that's okay, too! 


  1. Aww, of course I'll come visit! You swing by too, m'kay? I have a guest author and a *cough* book giveaway over the next few days! Bribery anyone? ;)

  2. Loved your interview over at Chasing Someday. You're hilarious!

  3. Well, I've got to stop by and say "hi" seeing you mentioned me and all. You're cracking me up with the interview. But, as I've told you before, we have to share Johnny!

  4. Ahh, You are the greatest! I am so lucky to have you! Thank you for mentioning me and, of course, The Macarena. And you are a "real" writer. I've got a folder on my computer titled "Teri's stories" to prove it.