Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Plans for World Domination and Other Stuff

So I have a new plan to save the world.  I don't really want to dominate the whole world...although I might be convinced to take charge (ahem) of certain people if they beg (heh). 

Here is my plan:  Let the Navy SEALs and CIA guys all retire to be cabana boys and replace them with 13 year old girls, led by my daughter, Drama Queen.  DQ can roll her eyes, cross her arms, slam doors in a way that makes waterboarding and other "enhanced interrogation techniques" obsolete.  She can then chatter about absolutely nothing until the bad guys just roll over and beg to be sent to Guantanamo. 

My imaginary boyfriend Master Chief Viggo in GI Jane
Being a cabana boy would be the perfect retirement job for any SEAL. They would get to run around on the beach, roll around in the sand, carry heavy thing (trays of drinks and my beach bag).  They would also be allowed to do it semi-nekkid (oh hell, who am I kidding?  Completely nekkid!) instead of having to wear all that nasty equipment (Well.  Some equipment can't be dispensed with, of course *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*). 

In between thinking up great ideas, I've been critting a story for the lovely and talented Dawn Alexander.  You should visit her blog, she has all kinds of fun ideas percolating around.  I'm also participating in the Dead Witch Walking Book Club at yonder Preternatura Blog, hosted by the equally lovely and talented Suzanne Johnson.  She's got some short stories you need to check out, because her upcoming book is going to totally rock. 

Not sure what those CIA guys should do in retirement...any thoughts?


  1. Ha! Nekked navy seals!





    Ok. And your daughter and her highly honed torture techniques? I'd totally buy into that. She's the key to getting all the answers out of the bad guys!

  2. I wouldn't turn down an umbrella drink served by a half-nekkid Navy Seal. ;D

    Retired CIA guys? Hmm. Maybe they could be massage therapists. They probably know all the best "secret spots."

  3. Had a comment and blogger ate it. Bad blogspot!

    Thank you for mentioning me. So glad to have you as my critique partner.

    Loving the plan. Count me in on the, um, retraining for the Navy Seals for their new mission. I am willing to make that sacrifice for my country.