Friday, May 6, 2011

Everything I know about the history of the world, I learned in a Romance Novel.

I wonder how many internet searches have been done on Navy SEALs this week, and how many of them were done by horny romance-reading women?   

Okay, this picture is just hot. I think it came from the Washington Post.  Note the fine muscle tone, the edgy tattoos and the scar.  Is that a knife wound?  Hot.  Just hot.  Would it be tacky of me to us this as my desktop background at work?
Over at the Smart Bitches blog, Sarah even did a post all about romances featuring Special Forces (or Special Ops, there is a difference, although as long as there are muscles and testosterone, who really cares?).  I would like to point out that my hero Suzanne Brockmann's first Troubleshooters book, The Unsung Hero, is the primary suggestion. 

Anyway.  I've notices that every day this week, MSNBC has had some sort of story about SEALs and people at work have been talking about them.  One of the student in our lab said to me, "Wow, you sure know a lot about Navy SEALs".  Ummm.  Well, I read a lot.  I didn't specify that I haven't necessarily been hanging out in the military history section of the library. 

Come to think of it, I know a bunch of stuff about the world, all thanks to romance writers who do research.  I would have NO idea about Bonny Prince Charlie if it weren't for all those shirtless men in kilts.  What about you?  How has your romance reading prepared you for Jeopardy? 


  1. I think this would make a COMPLETELY untacky desktop picture. I missed the knife wound. You are right, that is just hot!

  2. I've learned all sorts of stuff from reading, though not necessarily just from romances.

    Didn't there used to be a reality show for people who wanted to be SEALs? I vaguely remember how hardcore it was, and how only a couple of the guys made it through the course...

  3. Hey, I never even realized history could be fun until I started reading romances.

    BTW, if you notice me making repeat visits to your blog today, it's because of that picture. YOWZA! *fans self*

  4. Dawn;
    yeah. I'm not getting much work done today.

    I don't remember that show, but I'm going to go harass hulu for it!

    I know,right?