Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Misplaced Sandwiches

My dad is having open heart surgery as I write this morning.  He's in his seventies and has some complicating factors like obesity and COPD, so this isn't a "minor" open heart surgery (like it's ever minor?), but he should be fine.  He's having a valve replaced and another one possibly repaired.  My mom and I are hanging out here in the hospital lobby.  We chose a spot under the surgery update TV, which was probably not such a good idea. Every other person in the waiting room has been by standing next to us while they check on their own loved one. 

My plan is to get my WIP out and get some work done on it while we hang out here, but I am having a little trouble concentrating.  Mostly because my mom keeps looking up at the screen and saying things like, "What does that little symbol mean?  Why do those other people have bandaids on their status updates already?"  It's all good.  I am really glad to be able to be here with her and my dad. 

As I was leaving the house this morning, I asked the kids if they had any messages for Grandpa.  From TeenDramaQueen: "Tell Grandpa I love him and I hope he feels better and I miss him".  From the Bearded Wonder: "Good Luck" and finally, from The Middle One:"Tell Grandpa good luck and I hope noone drops a sandwich in him". 

I'm going to go ask the receptionist if there is a symbol for that one. 


  1. i can't ever get anything done while waiting in a hospital lobby. Even if i bring a book i just can't concetrate enough to actually read it.

  2. Tried to do the same thing in the waiting room a few months ago while my father-in-law was having heart bypass surgery. Really couldn't concentrate well enough to do anything other than chat with my hubs and mother-in-law.

    Hope all goes well for your dad. :)

  3. hang in there and I hope it all goes well

  4. Wishing your dad the very best - please let us know how things went!