Thursday, May 23, 2013

Name That Book--A Contest!

I need help! I realize that when I told people about my heart attack and you said, "If you need any help, just ask," you probably weren't thinking that I would ask you to come up with a title for a book, but...hey. I have a heart attack card. I'm playing it.

Okay, so here's the deal. I wrote this book. It's set at a marina, and there's some romance, some scary bad guys, and, well, here's a very brief synopsis:

Olivia Walker got more than she bargained for when she inherited the run-down Salty Bone Marina and its cast of misfits, including one incredibly gorgeous Army veteran handyman--who just might be seeing the ghost of his ex-best friend. When  bad guys, Olivia's bipolar mother, and some overzealous party planners show up, things go from OMG to worse!

 I need to give this book a name.

There are a couple more stories in the works, all set at the Salty Bone Marina, in Napier's Bend, Kentucky, so I'd love to find a group of names that go together. But really--I'll be thrilled to have one name.

Something river-y, stream, harbor, dock, shore... would be great. But with sexy and thrillery/mystery-y, included...I love titles that are a spin on song titles or movie names...I just keep drawing a blank when I try to come up with something for this book.


What, you need a reason other than the heart attack card to help me? How's about some incentive...a $10 gift card to Amazon to the person who saves my desperate butt!!!  I have to choose a name by Monday, or my agent will send me back to the slush pile (she won't really do that. I don't think). But I want to pick a name so she can maybe sell this puppy and make us both rich and famous.

Post your ideas in the comments, or email me (teriannestanley at gmail dot com), okay?

All right. Get your thinking caps on. GO!


  1. Is there a murder? If so, how about:

    Dead Sky at Night

  2. How about "The Marina" then you can expand from there with your other books! I can't wait to read it!
    Now you need to write a book about cute woman that has heart attack & falls madly in love with her Dr...therapist I know total stranger that saw her running in park & took her to hospital!

  3. Bad to the Bone (continue with Funny Bone, Jealous Bone, etc.)
    Still Waters
    Redneck Yacht Club (there's a song for you!)
    What Happens at the Marina...
    At the Marina
    River Dance
    Around The Bend

    All I can come up with for now.

  4. The book sounds great! I'm drawing a blank on possible titles, but I love the suggestions you've gotten so far.

  5. It sounds like there's humor as well as mystery, is that so?

    Something Salty This Way Comes

  6. Ooh, a title contest. I'm glad to contribute. I like some of the suggestions already.
    Here's my silly ideas:

    Dip It Low
    Love at High Tide
    Red in the Morning - (play off the old Sailor's phrasing 'Red in the morning sailors take warning. Red at night sailor's delight.')
    Salty Bone Unchained - Movie based? Ha ha

    That's all I got. I'll think about it some more. Let the idea ferment in my brain and get back to you.

  7. These are awesome! Keep 'em coming...Sexy...we need sexy! We need Justin Timberlake to bring his sexy back (or front, whatever).