Friday, April 26, 2013

Introducing Tucker University: a Story of SWAG FAIL


So, in my exteme excitement over my upcoming trip to RT in Kansas City, I've invested about sixty times more in swag than I'll earn with my first advance (that might be an exaggeration, but not by too much). 

I decided that I needed book marks, but not just plain book marks, I had to put tassels on them.  You know, so people will maybe spend an extra half second deciding to throw them out.

I also made the very cool Book Thongs, which I showed you the other day.  Those are actually pretty fun to make, and my poor arthritic hands are only mildly crippled right now. Okay, actually, I didn't realize my hands are arthritic until I'd made fifty of those summbiches, but still. Only mildly crippled, and I do have a prescription for dicolfenac.

I wanted something to showcase my book, Deadly Chemistry. But I don't have a cover yet.

So, hey! I thought I'd make something up that pokes fun at the setting: the prestigious, albeit fictional Tucker University, in Tucker, Kentucky.  The mascot is the Trojan.

I am incredibly proud of myself for being so darned clever. Hopefully not quite so clever that noone else gets the joke here.

So what's the problem, you might ask? It might be a little fuzzy, and granted...the writing is TINY...but I misspelled my own fake name there at the bottom!  I left off the "e" at the end of "Ann."


My favorite daughter's suggestions was to fix it with a sharpie, but I'm thinking that might look just a little cheesey...
Then she suggested I just change the name of my website. Which led to a long boring explanation of domain names and how I've already sent TeriAnne not Teriann to Entangled, and...yeah, she tuned me out, too.

But then Thelma (I'm Louise. Or vice versa. Anyway, Jessica Lemmon, with whom I'm travelling, in a convertible, to RT), suggested that I buy that name and redirect it to the right spelled one.


Okay, let's make that sixty times more $ than the advance sixty-one times more...



  1. They are still great buttons! I wouldn't really worry about it if it's just on the buttons, whether 60 or 600.

    It will be an amusing tale you can remember when you're a New York Times bestselling author, and they'll become collector's items!! (Hmmm, better just send me at least ten now...)

  2. I'll still take a button and remember to add the 'e'.
    You're awesome for going the extra mile.

  3. So sorry, but you made me laugh! I'm with Thelma, I mean Jessica - get the misspelled domain name and have it redirect to the correct site. It's possible people will misspell your name ANYWAY, so why not be prepared?

    Have fun at RT. Wish I could afford to go this year.

  4. Ack! But the buttons are great anyway, and Jessica's suggestion is a good one. Unless, of course, the cost of the new domain name is greater than what you spent on the buttons, in which case it might not make financial sense.

    In any case, your swag is still better than my swag. *grin*

  5. Teri Anne, such a clever idea! Sorry for that little boo-boo:(. It's still some great swag!