Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How Many Swords Can I Throw Myself On Today?


So, I got to work this morning and realized I've made a huge, expensive, too late to change it MISTAKE.  I ordered the wrong stuff for an experiment, and it's a no-refund kind of a thing.  I said some bad words, then went to fess up to my boss.  Who is a saint.  She is really, really mad at me, but she didn't throw anything at me or fire me, or curse at me (at least not in front of me). 

BUT BEFORE I REALIZED THIS MISTAKE, I did some laundry at home.  Before I was down to my last pair of panties without holes in them.  I thought I was really being a good kid.  Then I took the wet stuff out of the washer, and this is how it went:

Me:  Hey, what's that in the little groove inside the door?
Other Me:  Huh.  Looks like you left your lip balm in your pants.
Me:  Crap! 
Other Me: That's okay, the lid's still on it.  No harm, no foul. But look, there's something else in there.
Me:  Crap!  It's my flash drive, which contains the semi-revised first draft of my first ever completed first draft. 
Other Me:  Well, that's okay, it's your back up, right?  Right?
Me:  Ummm.  Well, yes, but it's the back up for my laptop, which, as we know, erased itself the other day.
Other Me:  It might be time to rethink that whole sobriety thing. 
So that's how my day is going.  How are things in your neck of the woods? 
(The good news is, I just plugged the flash drive into my desktop at work, and my files are still there, and I re-backed them up!)


  1. Ack! My sympathies on the work thing. I know you must feel awful, but you know what? Stuff (or some other four-letter word) happens. Life will go on.

    Re your flash drive: YAY! Also, whew! Oh, and you might want to consider adding an extra layer to your backup system. I email my WIPs to myself every time I make any change to them. That way I can access the updated versions from any computer, should the unthinkable happen to my laptop.

  2. Good idea, L! I do email myself WIPs every now and then, I think I'll make that an every time thing from now on. And maybe add some cloud technology to my lexicon. And print hard copies. And send smoke signals.