Monday, March 12, 2012

Guns and Lovers

Soooo...Here's something I didn't think about much before I decided to give this romance writing gig a shot.  There are a LOT of guns in romance novels.  Especially the kind of novels I like, with Nicely Damaged Alpha Heroes and Sick, Twisted, Psycho Killers. 

And honestly?  When I read romances, I don't worry too much about whether the hero is using a semi-automatic something-or-other, or a fully-automatic thingy.  He pulls his gun out of whichever secret holster he's using and shoots at the bad guy, before being shot himself and having the gun skitter across the floor, where the heroine, who has never picked up a weapon in her life, grabs it and kills the bad guy. 

But I found that as I try to write, the details do matter, at least a little bit.  So when a Boy Scout dad I know offered a pistol class for our Venture Crew, I signed my middle son, my daughter and I up to take it.  As of yesterday, I am now a card-carrying, NRA certified basic pistolero.  Or something like that.  My husband is totally psyched, because I think he now believes I'm going to join the Republican Party or something.  Not going there, into the whole politics of gun control...except that now that I've shot a whole bunch of different kinds of guns, I've kind of gotten the bug. 

And my daughter!  Whoa...she's 14.  Hates most sports, whines about having to do anything out of the ordinary (which is usually reading or watching TV).  She's our own personal Annie Oakley!  She was killing fake chickens and fake pigs and fake turkeys left and right yesterday, with both a pistol and a rifle.  Middle son bailed on us.  Phooey on him. 

The RWA chapter I belong to (OVRWA) is having a guy come and talk to us about gun fights and stuff next month, so I'm very excited about that...because I may actually know what he's talking about., and not look like an idiot (though I will also try hard not to act all know-it-ally, too).

I probably won't ever buy a bra holster for a pink automatic weapon, but I do get kind of a charge out of knowing that if my hero ever drops his gun while he's defending me from zombies or terrorist, or terrorist zombies, I can pick it up and provide an effective double tap to the noggin...if he gets close enough, and if I remember where the safety is. 

What research have you done that led you in surprising directions? 


  1. Good for you! I love a romance hero who sports a good weapon. *waggles eyebrows*

    TG took me to the range and taught me to shoot when I was researching my drawer novel, and honestly? I was surprised at how well I took to it. I think there's something primal about knowing you can defend yourself if need be.

  2. Okay, I just had to tell you my verification word for that last comment: hershot. Sometimes they're just too perfect.

  3. Lol, Linda! Too funny. ;)

    Oh, Teri, now see? You made me want to show up next month! Here I was thinking I didn't need a weapons class, then you make it sound all cool. :)