Monday, June 20, 2011

A vacation from my vacation

I would love to shower you with great pictures from my vacation, but I didn't actually take any.
Naturally, my big plan to get up in the morning and drink coffee on the deck while writing lines and lines of brilliant prose didn't actually happen.  I did get up in the morning and drink coffee, but there were too many people floating around for me to concentrate on writing. 
 It was nice, though, honest.  There is no place like Lake Cumber
land.  It's absolutely gorgeous, the water is incredible, the people are nice, there are sunsets, wildlife, interesting rock formations, and best of all:

WADE'S DISCOUNT GUNS, FURNITURE, and FAMILY FITNESS.  I kid you not.  There IS a picture of this place, but it's on the camera of the Bearded Wonder's girlfriend, so I have to wait for her to send it to me.  I think there is a martial arts center in there somewhere, but really, what more do you need? Unfortunately Wade's wasn't open when we drove past, so we didn't stop in to shop. 

Maybe next year.


  1. Sounds like a perfect vacation to me.

    I swear, I'm the worst about taking pics while I'm on vacay. To me, viewing everything from behind the camera lens somehow takes you out of being there in the moment.

  2. Welcome Back!

    My hubby is the one who wields the camera in our family. He's determined to capture every moment. It can be most annoying at times.

    Wade's sounds amazing!